About Viking

Since 2008, our primary mission has been to purchase well located under-performing properties and maximize their value through hands-on leasing, management and redevelopment.

Our core philosophy is to maintain a disciplined and patient approach to invest in commercial real estate. We invest based upon the intrinsic value of a property, rather than chasing investment returns based on financial engineering.

Viking has built its success through the efforts of a unique team of talented, dedicated professionals. Bret Caller and Steven Miller lead an outstanding team that has expertise in every discipline of the commercial real estate industry. This broad experience allows Viking to aggressively pursue new opportunities and execute our business plan.

We are headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio and focus on properties in the geographic markets we understand best: Midwest and Southeast, United States. Our focus is the secondary and tertiary markets, (since these markets are typically below the institutional radar), including overlooked geographic regions and off market opportunities see Acquisition Criteria.